Reaching deeper into neuronal networks using optical physics (2023–2026)

Understanding the functions and intricacies of the brain is a fundamental challenge in scientific research. This project aims to develop new technologies to construct a microscope able to alter and make sense of neuronal activity in situ. This project also aims to investigate the precise role of a key brain region involved in sensory processing: the locus coeruleus. The results will reveal how this brain region influences brain dynamics as well as behaviour. Expected outcomes include state of the art microscopes, high impact publications, and international collaborations. The anticipated benefits are the high quality training of the Australian workforce and further establishment of Australia as a leader in microscopy and neuroscience.
Grant type:
ARC Discovery Early Career Researcher Award
  • ARC DECRA Research Fellow
    School of Mathematics and Physics
    Faculty of Science
    ARC DECRA Research Fellow
    Queensland Brain Institute
Funded by:
Australian Research Council