The physics and biology of hearing in larval fish (2022–2023)

Using the zebrafish model and an array of cutting-edge biophysics and neuroscience tools, this project aims to provide the first complete map of a functioning auditory system. This is significant because it has previously been impossible to study the brain at the levels of single cells, circuits, and brain-wide networks simultaneously. Expected outcomes include detailed descriptions of information flow through a simple brain and the ways that brain cells and circuits communicate to process information. Benefits include knowledge gained about sensory systems in nature, future biomimetic approaches for information processing, and the training of the next generation of Australian researchers in cutting edge optical physics and neuroscience.
Grant type:
ARC Discovery Projects
  • ARC DECRA Research Fellow
    School of Mathematics and Physics
    Faculty of Science
    ARC DECRA Research Fellow
    Queensland Brain Institute
Funded by:
Australian Research Council