Exploring the Black Box of Archaeal Methane Metabolism (2022–2025)

This project aims to build on new discoveries about how ancient microorganisms belonging to the Archaea that process methane, a significant greenhouse gas. This project expects to generate new data about how these novel Archaea are able to generate/digest methane and other non-methane carbon substrates through metabolic pathways using an interdisciplinary approach. Expected outcomes of this Project include improved techniques to grow these ancient microorganisms, investigate how they process methane, and understand how they contribute to the global carbon cycle. This will provide significant benefits, such as understanding the how the cycling of methane and non-methane compounds by novel Archaea can be manipulated in anaerobic environments.
Grant type:
ARC Future Fellowships
  • ARC Future Fellow
    School of Chemistry and Molecular Biosciences
    Faculty of Science
Funded by:
Australian Research Council