A 4-D X-Ray Microscopy Laboratory (ARC LIEF project administered by The University of NSW) (2021–2023)

We propose a multiscale X-Ray Microscopy (XRM) laboratory for time-lapse imaging. High flux X-Ray Microscopy (XRM) with resolutions from cm- down to Angstrom-scale is proposed by bringing Synchrotron technology to the laboratory. The laboratory aims at revolutionising imaging capability of evolving structures and physical properties in inorganic and organic materials used in mineral, energy, manufacturing, bioengineering, aerospace, automotive and a range of other industries. The expected outcome is an integration of XRM between USyd, UNSW, UQ, QUT and ANSTO. The added benefit is to perform long time scale XRM experiments with collaborations in the materialmanufacturing, geo- and biomedical sciences and many engineering disciplines.
Grant type:
University of New South Wales
Funded by:
University of New South Wales