Developing a database of innovative assessment techniques to promote student engagement and deter academic misconduct (2016–2018)

Academic misconduct is on the increase and is difficult to detect. It is possible to prevent misconduct through the use of innovative assessments that also enhance student engagement with learning, thereby promoting retention and employability. This project is designed to identify and promote these assessment techniques. The project will approach HaSS staff and students as partners in assessment design. Specifically, staff and students will be interviewed in order to identify innovative assessment techniques and barriers to their uptake. These interviews will be video-recorded and clips will be included in a searchable database of innovative assessment techniques that includes how they deter academic misconduct, promote student engagement, enhance employability and fit with UQ graduate attributes. It will also include requirements for use and tips on transferring these techniques across discipline boundaries. The database will be hosted on ITaLI web infrastructure and promoted online and throughTLCs, ITaLI workshops and UQ events. Thus it will expand the adoption of existing innovative techniques and promote university-wide change.
Grant type:
UQ Teaching Innovation Grants
Funded by:
The University of Queensland