A Framework for Journalism Design (2016–2017)

This project aims to develop a framework, in the form of a downloadable template and online resources, for teaching design methods to journalism students. Journalism is at a point of radical change and to remain viable it needs to create innovative news formats. This means that journalism educators need strategies to teach students how to come up with novel and creative ways to use technology. Interaction design, with its focus on people and technology, offers an ideal set of practices and theories to address this problem. I have already trialled the introduction of design methods to the journalism curriculum at UQ and this project aims to formalise these initial efforts by creating teaching and learning materials for broader use. The project fits with the strategic priority of increasing active learning for an enriched campus experience. It also aims to enhance student employability by developing an approach to innovative practice.
Grant type:
UQ Teaching Innovation Grants
  • Senior Lecturer
    School of Communication and Arts
    Faculty of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences
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Funded by:
The University of Queensland