TeamAnneal Stage Two: A Web Service for Purposeful Student Team Creation (2017–2018)

Purposeful creation of student teams ensures groups have the desired characteristics for particular learning activities ¿ be they semester-long projects or active-learning classes in collaborative spaces. TeamAnneal is a team formation software tool, developed within the EAIT Faculty, to create student groups based on demographic information, academic performance, class sign-on information, etc. The tool is currently limited to expert users as it runs on the command-line and the required student data must be obtained and collated manually, e.g. from Business Objects queries, Blackboard Grade Centre downloads, SI-net class lists, etc. This project will complete the next phase of development of TeamAnneal, including: ¿ building a web-based interface to make the tool available to any academic who wants to set up teams; ¿ developing an interface to other UQ systems to automatically obtain student data and export group information; and ¿ building a library of team formation constraints that can be shared between users.
Grant type:
UQ Teaching Innovation Grants
  • Associate Professor
    School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
    Faculty of Engineering, Architecture and Information Technology
  • Deputy Associate Dean Academic
    Faculty of Science
    Deputy President, Acad Board
    Office of the President of the Academic Board
Funded by:
The University of Queensland