Compact Millimeter-Wave Terminal for LEO Satellite Communications (2020–2023)

On the basis of the cutting-edge and concept-proofed beam-steerable antenna invented by the team, this project aims at tackling the system-level challenges and developing a commercial-ready millimeter-wave satellite terminal to deal with the digital inequality facing rural and remote Australia. The proposed terminal can lead to a household-affordable price system that is compact and can be installed on a fixed/mobile platform for broadband connectivity. The project will have an immediate socio-economic impact for families and small businesses located in rural areas in Australia that have poor digital access, meanwhile, it has great potential to transform the local industry partner' business into a highly profitable emerging market.
Grant type:
ARC Linkage Projects
  • Professor
    School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
    Faculty of Engineering, Architecture and Information Technology
Funded by:
Australian Research Council