How do brains become lateralised? (ARC Discovery Project administered by Macquarie University) (2019–2022)

This Project aims to understand how the left and right sides of the brain become specialised for different cognitive functions, a phenomenon called lateralisation. Lateralisation is one of the least understood organisational principles of the brain, yet is crucial to the way we think and behave. Manifested most clearly as handedness, the brain is lateralised for many cognitive tasks such as language, reasoning, memory and emotion. However, the developmental origin and anatomical substrate of most cognitive asymmetries are unknown. This Project will use a chick model of brain lateralisation to quantify and localise to specific brain circuits the patterns of differential gene expression that give rise to anatomical and functional asymmetries.
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Macquarie University
  • Senior Lecturer in Biochem & Met
    School of Agriculture and Food Sustainability
    Faculty of Science
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Macquarie University