Noncoding RNAs of insect-specific flaviviruses: biogenesis and functions (2019–2023)

The project aims to investigate noncoding RNAs (sfRNAs) of insect-specific flaviruses (ISFs). These RNAs are produced from viral RNA by host ribonuclease and play important role in pathogenesis and transmission of vertebrate-infecting flaviviruses (VIFs). The team have shown that ISFs also produce sfRNAs although likely employing a different mechanism. The project expects to generate new knowledge on ISF sfRNA biogenesis and functions using combination of modern structural, biochemical, and innovative molecular virology methods. The outcome will be a clearer understanding of processes governing flavivirus host restriction and evolution. This will improve understanding of virus-host interactions and train students in cutting edge techniques.
Grant type:
ARC Discovery Projects
Funded by:
Australian Research Council