Australian Dark Matter Detector for High Mass Axions (ARC LIEF project administered by The University of Western Australia) (2018–2019)

Dark matter is a fundamental component of the universe yet the nature of its composition is still unknown. There is growing evidence that it is comprised of axions; a low energy, weakly interacting particle. This grant will provide the necessary equipment to allow an Australian Dark Matter axion haloscope with significantly increased sensitivity by providing a milliKelvin environment and a 14 T magnet to drive axion to photon conversions. Operating the readout at the quantum limit and beyond has the potential to improve sensitivity by many orders of magnitude, allowing faster scans over likely mass ranges of 0.06-0.2 meV. This experiment will confirm or rule out a elegant extension to the Standard Model and a claimed report of detection.
Grant type:
University of Western Australia
Funded by:
The University of Western Australia