The prognostic utility of the tumour microenvironment in Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma (2017–2019)

The intention of this proposal is to bridge the gap between the protectable IP and the commercial barriers and potential roadblocks to market. Furthermore, the program of research is also designed to target unmet health care needs of Australians, and to improve the efficiency of health resource utilization in the Australian health care system. Although new therapeutic strategies are in development for lymphoma, their reimbursement requires accurate identification of individuals who are likely to fail induction therapy with established regimens. However, despite use of established pre-treatment clinical and biological outcome predictors, considerable heterogeneity of outcome persists. Addition of an immune based prognosticator to generate an immuno-clinical and biological (i-CAB) score will markedly improve prognostic accuracy, and will be an invaluable (and reimbursable) resource for clinicians seeking to obtain access to novel anti-lymphoma agents. This proposal will directly facilitate commercialization by strengthening and broadening the scope of the IP and optimizing assay development.
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Celgene Pty Ltd
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Celgene Pty Ltd