Understanding of Iron-Dependent Anaerobic Oxidation of Methane Process (2017–2020)

In this project we will perform the first-ever systematic investigation of the novel microbial process of iron-dependent anaerobic oxidation of methane (AOM). This process has recently been suggested to be a pervasive process in Earth's aquatic systems, and possibly one of the major methane sinks on Earth. By identifying the key organisms mediating this reaction, elucidating their metabolic pathways and characterising their ecophysiological properties, this project represents a critical step towards a full understanding of the role of this process in regulating the atmospheric concentration of methane. It will also contribute significantly to our ability to more reliably predict the global methane emissions in a changing climate.
Grant type:
ARC Discovery Projects
  • UQ Amplify Researcher
    Australian Centre for Water and Environmental Biotechnology
    Faculty of Engineering, Architecture and Information Technology
Funded by:
Australian Research Council