New Archaeological Investigations at Ancient Sites in Kakadu National Park (2017–2023)

Kakadu is an iconic World Heritage area and is home to some of the oldest and richest archaeology in the country. Yet surprisingly little excavation has been carried out there in recent decades, and almost none of it using modern high resolution recovery techniques. Our re-excavation of Australia's oldest site (Malakunanja II) in Kakadu in 2012 demonstrated the value of a modern approach, recovering many new kinds of information and extending the age of the site. This project will re-excavate two other well-known but poorly excavated sites (Malangangerr and Ngarradj) in Kakadu using modern techniques. The outcome will determine whether similar sites have a similar antiquity and record of early complex behaviour to that found at Malakunanja.
Grant type:
ARC Future Fellowships
Funded by:
Australian Research Council