The Australian Centre for LNG Futures (ARC Industrial Transformation Training Centre administered by the University of Western Australia) (2016–2021)

The Australian Centre for LNG Futures will focus on cost effective LNG production, at all scales, in remote or deep-water locations. This will be accomplished via 11 research projects, as selected in consultation with our 9 industrial partners, across 3 themes. The Centre¿s legacy will be a globally-unique LNG Research and Training facility, designed for future integration into a microscale LNG plant. The projects and associated post-graduate coursework will provide world-class training for at least 12 PhD students and 5 research fellows with substantial guidance from multiple industry experts. These integrated research and training outcomes will help ensure Australia plays a leading role in future LNG developments across the globe.
Grant type:
University of Western Australia
Funded by:
The University of Western Australia