Award for Teaching Excellence (ATE) - Australian Award for University Teaching (AAUT) (2015–2018)

Synopsis - Craig Engstrom is an outstanding educator who teaches Exercise and Sports Medicine for undergraduate and postgraduate students. His students learn that a team effort is crucial for developing knowledge and clinical practices to optimise the healthcare of exercising individuals. Craig's leadership of multidisciplinary teams of Australian and international colleagues enhances the learning and professional development of his students. His exemplary scholarship supported by university, Office of Learning and Teaching, and Health Workforce Australia grants focuses on experiential and interprofessional student learning within community of practice environments. He uses these avenues to advance the learning of his students and, with his teams of clinical and academic colleagues, disseminates scholarly findings in higher-education conferences and international pedagogy journals to highlight successful learning and teaching approaches for students. His innovative work includes the development of an online-video framework for eassessment as learning of practical skills, a multimodal web--tablet system for feedback on student assignments, and interprofessional learning for exercise physiology and medical student teams. As a teacher and leader of Exercise and Sports Medicine programs developed with teams of national and international colleagues, Craig is dedicated to enhancing student learning and ensuring students graduate with well-developed capabilities to work collaboratively in interprofessional teams.
Grant type:
AAUT Award for Teaching Excellence
Funded by:
Commonwealth Office for Learning and Teaching