High Performance Cast Magnesium Alloys (ARC Linkage Project administered by RMIT) (2014–2017)

Lightweighting transport vehicles is critical to achieving significant reductions in energy usage and thus greenhouse gas emissions. Magnesium alloys have the lowest density of the structural alloys and therefore provide the best opportunity for lightweighting. Recent research shows that Mg-Al-Rare Earth alloys have particular advantages such as being highly castable, can be used in high temperature automotive applications, and have particularly good strength-ductility combinations creating an opportunity for a new generation of improved high strength structural alloys and potentially new light weight pistons. Through understanding the formation of the eutectic microstructure, alloy compositions will be tailored for each application.
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Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology University
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    School of Mechanical and Mining Engineering
    Faculty of Engineering, Architecture and Information Technology
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Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology University