Chemical Insights to Peptide Helix-Sheet-Nanofibre Equilibria (2005–2007)

Conversion of soluble proteins to insoluble amyloid aggregates is associated with >20 diseases (Alzheimers Huntingtons Parkinsons TypeII diabetes prion disorders). This phase transition is difficult to study and poorly understood but thought to proceed via beta sheets through protein mis-folding. We have developed a novel strategy to study helix-sheet-aggregate equilibria. By arraying multiple peptides on designed templates we can pre-organize peptide assemblies and control peptide folding aggregation composition and solubility of resulting nanofibres. Studying the formation and properties of these novel biopolymers will increase our understanding of amyloids while presenting new opportunities to develop unique biomaterials
Grant type:
ARC Discovery Projects
Funded by:
Australian Research Council