Signalling cross-talk through Suppressors Of Cytokine Signalling (SOCS) initiates luteolysis in the ovary (2003–2005)

Members of the newly discovered SOCS protein family block cytokine signal transduction pathways, including those for prolactin and GH. We have discovered that one of these proteins, SOCS-3, is upregulated in the corpus luteum of the ovary by prostaglandins and propose that induction of prolactin or GH resistance is a hitherto unrecognised and critical step in luteolysis. We have also discovered that this cross-talk between prostaglandin- and cytokine-receptor signalling pathways occurs in preadipocyte and breast cell lines and propose that this research will serve as a paradigm for understanding how sensitivity to cytokines can be controlled at a molecular level.''
Grant type:
ARC Discovery Projects
Funded by:
Australian Research Council