Strengthening merit-based access and support at the new National Computing Infrastructure petascale supercomputing facility (ARC LIEF Grant administered by ANU) (2012–2015)

Access to world-class high-performance computing resources is a necessity for many areas of nationally significant research. It enables researchers to establish and maintain international competitiveness by establishing capacity, driving innovation and underpinning fundamental knowledge discovery. This application, from six research-intensive universities, will establish dedicated resources for 2012 to 2015 on Australia¿s leading high-end research computing service based at the National Computational Infrastructure National Facility. It will also leverage $50M in infrastructure support from the Commonwealth and $32M in coinvestment from CSIRO, the Bureau of Meteorology and ANU.
Grant type:
ARC LIEF Collaborating/Partner Organisation Contributions
Funded by:
The University of Queensland