Towards high efficiency biofuel systems: A molecular resolution 3D atlas of the photosynthetic machinery of a high-efficiency green algae cell (2013–2015)

AIM: To produce a molecular resolution 3D-atlas of the photosynthetic machinery of single-cell green algae to guide the development of high efficiency algae production systems. SIGNIFICANCE: Photosynthesis drives the first step of all algae production processes by capturing solar energy & converting it to chemical energy (e.g. sustainable fuels, food and high value products). In excess, light can cause photodamage. Microalgae have evolved intricate photo-protection mechanisms that can dissipate (waste), up to 90% of the captured light energy. Fine tuning the light harvesting antennae can considerably increase efficiency. OUTCOME: This 3D atlas will guide the fine tuning of the photosynthetic machinery for high efficiency algae production.
Grant type:
ARC Discovery Projects
Funded by:
Australian Research Council