A Hybrid Magnetic Resonance Imaging - Linear Accelerator (MRI-Linac) for Highly Accurate Radiotherapy Cancer Treatment (2012–2014)

Nearly two-thirds of cancer patients will receive radiation therapy, which involves the use of high energy radiation to damage the DNA in cancerous cells. For it to be effective the tumour needs to be accurately targeted, so a patient is imaged prior to treatment. However, the tumour can move within the body, due to respiratory motion, affecting efficacy of the treatment. When this happens surrounding, healthy tissue is irradiated and the tumour doesn't receive the required dosage. Our aim is to develop and build a prototype integrated MRI-linear accelerator (Linac) that will allow image-guided therapy to accurately target the tumour. Key system components will be developed and the compatibility of MRI and a Linac demonstrated.
Grant type:
ARC Discovery Projects
Funded by:
Australian Research Council