Mechanosensitive channels: antimicrobials, channelopathies and nanovalves for drug delivery (NHMRC project grant administered by the Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute) (2010–2012)

The E. coli mechanosensitive channel of large conductance (MscL) is a prototype ion channel and the best characterized member of the mechanically-activated class of ion channels. Dysfunction of MS channels in humans results in many debilitating medical conditions including neuronal, muscular degenerative and hypertensive disorders, cardiac arrhythmias, polycystic kidney disease and prostate cancer. The ultimate aim of this project is the structural and biophysical characterization of MscL using high-resolution single molecule electron microscopy and site directed mutagenesis to characterize and adjust the gating mechanism through targeted engineering.
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Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute Limited
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Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute Limited