Development of new lead-free solders for use on aluminium conductors in photovoltaic systems and electric vehicles (2010–2013)

The international regulation for restricting the use of lead-containing materials is becoming increasingly more stringent in order to protect our environment. As a result, there is a strong demand that lead-free solder alloys be developed for electrical and electronics industries. This project aims to develop lead-free solder alloys for use on relatively low cost aluminium substrates, in collaboration with a world-leading company on solder materials. The outcomes of the research will solve a longstanding environmental issue for electronics packaging industries and, in particular, have a significant impact on the rapidly expanding market of photovoltaic devices and electric vehicles.
Grant type:
ARC Linkage Projects
  • Professor
    School of Mechanical and Mining Engineering
    Faculty of Engineering, Architecture and Information Technology
Funded by:
Australian Research Council