The Influence of particle shape fragmentation and compaction on 3D hopper flow (2009–2011)

The proposed research aims to make a significant advance in our knowledge of the fracture and flow processes governing gravity flow of granular materials. We focus our research on 3D hopper-flow. Hopper flows are central to industrial processes such as block caving, silo flows, grains, pharmaceuticals and nuclear power generation. The proposed research will be based on 3D discrete element simulations. We employ three new approaches with complementary advantages: 1) Macro particles consisting of particle agglomerates 2) Geometrically constructed non-spherical particles 3)Representing non-spherical particles by spheres with contacts mimicking the effect of non-sphericality. The project benefits from existing NCIRS and MNRF infrastructure
Grant type:
ARC Discovery Projects
Funded by:
Australian Research Council