Researchers in Behavioral Neuroscience

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Photo Researcher Organisational Units
Dr Timothy Ballard Dr Timothy Ballard School of Psychology
Professor Timothy Bredy Professor Timothy Bredy Queensland Brain Institute
Professor Thomas Burne Professor Thomas Burne Queensland Brain Institute
Dr Lena Constantin Dr Lena Constantin Frazer Institute
Dr Sarah Coundouris Dr Sarah Coundouris School of Psychology
Professor Ross Cunnington Professor Ross Cunnington School of Psychology
Professor Paul Dux Professor Paul Dux School of Psychology
Dr Yaqoot Fatima Dr Yaqoot Fatima UQ Poche Centre for Indigenous Health
Dr Hannah Filmer Dr Hannah Filmer School of Psychology
Dr Ana Goode Dr Ana Goode School of Human Movement and Nutrition Sciences
Dr Hannah Gullo Dr Hannah Gullo School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences
No image Mr Anthony Harris Queensland Brain Institute
Dr Daniel Hwang Dr Daniel Hwang Institute for Molecular Bioscience
Dr James Kesby Dr James Kesby School of Biomedical Sciences
Dr Li-Ann Leow Dr Li-Ann Leow School of Psychology
Professor Jason Mattingley Professor Jason Mattingley Queensland Brain Institute | School of Psychology
Honorary Professor Aileen McGonigal Honorary Professor Aileen McGonigal Mater Research Institute-UQ
Dr Marie McSween Dr Marie McSween School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences
Dr Marta Navarro-Gomez Dr Marta Navarro-Gomez Centre for Animal Science
Professor Andrew Neal Professor Andrew Neal School of Psychology
Dr Trung Ngo Dr Trung Ngo RECOVER Injury Research Centre
Dr Cassandra Pattinson Dr Cassandra Pattinson Institute for Social Science Research
Dr Dragan Rangelov Dr Dragan Rangelov Queensland Brain Institute
Dr Oliver Rawashdeh Dr Oliver Rawashdeh School of Biomedical Sciences
Dr Raphael Ricci Dr Raphael Ricci Mater Research Institute-UQ
Dr Kalina Rossa Dr Kalina Rossa Institute for Social Science Research
Professor Eugeni Roura Professor Eugeni Roura Centre for Nutrition and Food Sciences
Associate Professor Martin Sale Associate Professor Martin Sale School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences
Professor Penelope Sanderson Professor Penelope Sanderson School of Psychology | Greater Brisbane Clinical School
Dr David Sewell Dr David Sewell School of Psychology
Dr Mohammed Shaker Dr Mohammed Shaker Australian Institute for Bioengineering and Nanotechnology
Professor Thomas Suddendorf Professor Thomas Suddendorf School of Psychology
Associate Professor Susannah Tye Associate Professor Susannah Tye Queensland Brain Institute
Associate Professor Jana Vukovic Associate Professor Jana Vukovic School of Biomedical Sciences | Queensland Brain Institute